Arasys / Nano Tech Inch Loss System

The miraculous machine does the following:

  • Accelerate muscle building
  • Inch loss
  • Breast lifting
  • contouring buttocks
  • Helps reduce cellulite
  • tightens abs

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Nano Tech Inch Loss System is a Hand Made Electronic Weight Loss Device created and manufactured by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker, Gerry Pollock. Originally built in London University, Microcurrent Body Builder was recently upgraded at the Innova Science Park, a European Community funded Research Center.

Breast Lift Union CityNano Tech Inch Loss System Effortless Power Workout speeds up muscle building and inch loss at a fraction of the time needed at the gym. Results are equivalent to strenuous exercise and they last as long. There is no gym burnout since the Nano Tech Inch Loss System procedure does not require glucose, which is normally utilized during physical exercise-- an important benefit because the body burns the surrounding fat cells without decreasing glucose levels. This prevents significant build up of lactic acid. Nano Tech Inch Loss System naturally increases metabolic rate to initiate weight loss, and is perfect for spot training to target trouble areas that cannot be conquered with standard exercise. The enhanced detoxification and blood circulation achieved during the Nano Tech Inch Loss treatment leaves you with an overall sense of well being. Most clients see results in 3 treatments but for optimum results manufacturer recommends 6,9,12 treatments depending on personal goals.

Nano Tech Inch Loss System is a cutting edge electronic device for a no-sweat high power workout for muscle building, body tightening and body shaping. It was developed in London University by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker. Only 17 - 30 minutes of an effortless Nano Tech Inch Loss procedure is worth several long hours in the gym.

Nano Tech Inch Loss resonates the brain signal to the nerve that controls the muscle to offer the clean contraction and fat loss you get during body building or exercising.

Nano Tech Inch Loss System is the only device with a complex square waveform formed out of 1,000 waveforms built in it, by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker. This is a proprietary wave form.

How is Nano Tech Inch Loss system different from other systems that make similar claims?

Nano Tech Inch Loss System has a high definition signal composed with up to 1,000 frequencies for detail accuracy and stability. Nano Tech Inch Loss System is not a muscle stimulator. It targets the nerve and resonates the signal that the brain sends via the nervous system during regular exercise.

Nano Tech Inch Loss System Programs:

200 Hz:

Accelerates Muscle Building
Boosts strength and performance
Developed for Athletes and Body Builders
Power Detoxification

400 Hz:

Inch Loss
Tightens Abs
Contours Buttocks
Promotes Healthy Lymphatic Drainage

600 Hz:

Tightening loose skin (eg. after liposuction)
Breast Lift Enhancement
Revitalizes the Body Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite


Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Toning

The Science Behind - The Emergence of micro-current Stimulation

Recent research and clinical experience have revealed that electric currents as much as 1000 times smaller than that of all the traditional physical therapy modalities can be far more success ful than the latter in achieving many of the benefits outlined in the previous section.

Currents as low as 10 microamps (millionths of an amp) pulsating at between 0.1 to 400Hz are too weak to cause muscle contraction, block pain signals or cause local heating, yet their effectiveness and safety is often superior in many applications to that of faradism, interfer entialism and conventional TENS (Matteson & Eberhardt, 1985). Cellular and subcellular processes not involving cell discharge, propagated electrical impulses, or muscle contraction, appear to be involved with cellular growth and repair.

Some studies have produced findings which offer partial answers to the questions posed by microstimulation. For instance, work by Becker and others suggests that small, steady or slowly varying currents can cause sub-threshold modulation of the electric fields across nerve and glial cells, thereby directly regulating cell growth and communication (Becker, 1974; Becker & Marino, 1982). In this respect, some of Becker's applications included the accelera tion of wound healing, partial regeneration of amphibian and rat limbs, and induction of narco sis with transcranial currents. Nordenstrom maintains that these electric currents can stimulate the flow of ions along the blood vessels and through the cell membranes which constitute the body's closed electric circuits postulated by his theory (Nordenstrom, 1983).

Pilla (1974) has paid particular attention to electrochemical information transfer across cell membranes. The model in this case hypothesizes that the molecular structure of the cell mem brane reflects its current genetic activity. Here, the function of a cell at any instant is determined by feedback between DNA in the cell nucleus and a macromolecule inducer liberated from the membrane by means of a protein (enzyme) regulator derived from messenger RNA activity within the cell. The activity of these membrane-bound proteins is strongly modulated by changes in the concentration of divalent ions (such as calcium Ca++) absorbed on the mem brane. ES may elicit these ionic changes and thereby modify cell function.

It has been shown that ES at 5Hz stimulates synthesis of DNA in chick cartilage cells and rat bone by as much as 27%, but not in chick skin fibroblasts or rat spleen lymphocytes (Rodan et al, 1978). Not only does the effect of ES appear to be tissue-specific, but the increase in DNA synthesis occurs 4-6 hours after 15 minutes of ES. The process of membrane depolarisa tion carried by sodium ions seems to be followed by an increase in intracellular Ca++ concentration, thereby triggering DNA synthesis in cells susceptible to the particular stimulus. Further work by Pilla (1981) has confirmed the existence of cellular 'windows' which open most ef fectively to certain frequencies, pulse widths and pulse amplitudes. To attune the ES signal to these parameters, monitoring of tissue impedances is preferable, a system employed by so-called 'Intelligent TENS' devices.

In addition, Cheng et al (1982) have shown that stimulation with currents from 50-1000 microamps can increase tissue ATP concentrations in rats by 300-500%, and enhances amino acid transport through the cell membrane and consequent protein synthesis by as much as 40%. Interestingly, the same study reported that increasing the current above only one milliamp was sufficient to depress tissue ATP and protein synthesis - and traditional ES most commonly applies cur rents exceeding 20 milliamps, at which stage this depression being nearly 50%.

Micro-current stimulation (MICS - currents below one milliamp), does not act as a stressor. Instead, the evidence implies that it elicits biochemical changes associated with enhanced adaptation, growth and repair. Since MICS appears to oper ate more on the basis of resonant attunement of the stimulus to cellular and subcellular processes, the specific therapeutic effects are determined by how efficiently the stimulation parame ters match the electrical characteristic of the different cells, in particular, their impedance at different frequencies. MICS may be applied in several ways to facilitate restoration:

  • locally over specific soft tissues
  • transcranially via electrodes on the earlobes or on sites on the surface of the skull
  • at acupuncture points on the body, hands or ears.
It is generally entirely safe to apply MICS anywhere on the body, because the current and energy transmitted is too low to produce any thermal or electrolytic effects on vital tissues. Under no circumstances should MACS be applied across the brain, as it can cause serious harm. It is generally not advisable to apply any form of ES to epileptics, pregnant women, cardiac patients or persons with heart pacemakers.

Before and Afters

Nano Tech Inch Loss Media Testimonials

Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve those beautiful bodies? They seem to bounce back so quickly after pregnancy and fit so perfectly into the most fashionable designer outfits. They make it seem so effortless while the rest of us spend hours at the gym and never achieve the same results. The secret: Many top models and celebrities are using Nano Tech Inch Loss technology, the London University invention that is taking the U.S. by storm!

Top models are using Nano Tech Inch Loss to drop a few pounds, and celebrities are incorporating it into their fitness programs for faster results. For those suffering from "gym burnout" Nano Tech Inch Loss System offers the perfect toning alternative.

See what the national media is saying:

"Can't find the time to exercise and don't have the discipline to stick to a healthy diet? Nano Tech Inch Loss treatment can help get those extra inches and cellulite under control."-Options magazine
"When the 17-minute program is over you feel like you just had a major workout."-Bazaar
"Astounding effect... after only four sessions, the bottom became higher, the thighs tighter and the waistband looser. With Nano Tech Inch Loss System it took two weeks to achieve what would have taken two months in the gym."-Harpers
"Dr. Pollock, a chemist, claims that his technology is superior to systems that make similar claims of effortless weight loss because of the waveform he has created. Nano Tech Inch Loss System can reverse muscle wasting conditions much as Multiple Sclerosis."-Sunday Times
"I have always been cynical about salon treatments that claim to tone you up and give you inch loss........... As far as toning goes, I'm a convert, I lost one and a half inches from my waist, one and three quarters from my hips and bottom and an inch from each thigh........... I felt more toned too, as if I'd been following an exercise program. "- Eva Cameron - Cosmopolitan
"With Nano Tech Inch Loss System it took two weeks to achieve what would have taken two months in a gym."- Harpers and Queen
"Nano Tech Inch Loss System, the lazy way to exercise."-Daily Express
"From Fat to Flat." Mrs. Rau, 37, lost 4 pounds weight, 3 inches from her tummy and one inch from her hips."-Hello
"Lazy ways to get your body back into shape. Exercise is too much like hard work. For the ultimate in lazy body toning, a course of Nano Tech Inch Loss System will lift, tone and tighten anything loose and wobbly. The results are impressive. "-The Daily Telegraph
"Nano Tech Inch Loss System was invented in the UK by Dr. Gerry Pollock, electronic inventor and pioneer of the pacemaker and Dr. Donald Gilbert, an expert in cellular biochemistry" If the mere idea of exercise leaves you feeling out of breath, follow the no-sweat route to a firm toned body - let the Nano Tech Inch Loss System take the strain..."-Good Housekeeping

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